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The Wild Hunt

by Don't Drop The Sword

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They ride forth on hoofs of doom throughout the dark Twelve wicked nights they are prowling their path Dare not to glance or be seen or else you will join them in your sleep (in your sleep they take your soul) Souls that have gone ere their time Pale is their vanguard, pale as his steed Pale are the hounds by his side So bow your head and pray or be gone from their way Bridge: Candlelights Holy scents More we cannot muster in defense Chorus: Hear the clamour from afar (Come the night) Leave no window ajar (We will rise) Bolt your doors and stay inside (Run and hide from the storm that will come) When the Wild Hunt rides Forebodings, ill omens of famine and plague, of draught and of war that shall come our way Devils and demons scorning the heavenly skies No gods by our side Side by side they`re marching ever on Rise with dusk, fade with dawn Leave us afeared of the days to come (Bridge) (Chorus)
Humanity is trembling as the centuries go by Our senses are augmented, our feelings left do die The gods have vanished long ago and not a grave remained Nature’s drawn her last breath, we’re proud of what we gained Lost in deadly rapture and a blinding decadence Guns to do the talking, no more words with which to fence Technology can never stop the starving of the poor New diseases leaving only money as a cure Chorus: I see dark ages alight Sun won’t rise again for human kind Hark into the night Greed is the gear that will grind mind and soul Holding down the masses, best safety lies in fear Hunting down the rebels, shedding blood but not a tear Streets drenched in neon lies through treason and deceit led me to a darkened heart and its corrupted beat Standing at the edge of night, I will bring the dawn The unseen hand to rule from shades, strings to lead you on A path to freedom and to past, where all control is gone Wings of wax to rise again beneath a brighter sun (Chorus)
His world of beauty lay beyond the things we know and see The old man`s violin was his voice - how it called to me! From the attic music came, peculiarly composed Tempting fascination in his haunting notes Bridge: (Horror is creeping up on me) String by string the veil is torn apart Strain by strain cold fear takes my heart (slowly striking its roots in me) Chorus: A nocturnal trial The sound of his viol playing my strings of sanity Woe finds its way into Rue d`Auseil fraying my strings of sanity Many a time I stood entranced before his door The dread of vague wonder crept into my very core Until one night when from inside cacophany would rise The shrieking of his viol and his voiceless cries (Bridge) (Chorus) A storm arose from far beyond the world we see and know The old man`s violin frantically made pandemonium grow In the attic mayhem reigned and chaos was composed Terrifying anguish in his haunting notes (Bridge) A nocturnal trial The sound of his viol playing my strings of sanity His secret will stay here in Rue d`Auseil fraying my strings of sanity
Forged in the fire of ancient times A warrior’s desire, brought forth to enemy lines In steel we trusted our lives for nothing else would suffice Yet dreadful swords of evil became our final demise They came with iron and fire, black riders of doom Slaughtering all of my kin before the rise of the moon So the legend begins of one who would be king Out of tragedy`s dead end, all bards forever will sing Chorus: Sword and Sorcery, the secret of steel I´m heeding your call, so my scars can heal Sword and Sorcery, a tale of revenge Brave and glorious until the end No time to cry, no time to bleed If I should fall in battle, so let it be! Defying the snakes of madness, the cult of the damned Gone are the years of sadness, they all shall die by my hand Grinding through their bodies, their blood will cover the land Even death won’t stop me, I shall return for one last stand Beheading the lord of darkness to end his venomous reign Avenging all of my people, reaping the roots of my pain (Chorus) We stand on the battlefield of life, fighting to live before we die (Chorus)
Youth is both blessing and curse You can live in so many worlds Your mind sets the borders, but something else orders your way - for better or worse Sanity`s kept by belief and by the bonds that you weave Your charge is to keep all the burdening secrets inside - in tombs far beneath Bridge: Through long-buried memories it creeps to feast on the fright in your dreams Fear is the hand on your throat, like a boat caught in streams you`ll be drawn to the deeps (down here we all float) Chorus: It never sleeps! Down below where they all vanished silently It never sleeps! Down below from where it stalks the city`s streets It never sleeps! Down below where we have to descend to bring it to an end! You grew up in treacherous peace Your past has been shrouded with ease But your blood cast a spell and will call you when hell is unleashed Imagination is your strength and your flaw Fail to resist and you`re stricken with awe Mesmerized by the gaze of these eyes you fall prey to the voices you hear - the faces of fear (Bridge) (Chorus) A wicked heart in darkness grew with veins that are of stone A restless pulse that calls to you, whispering „come home!“ Follow now its hollow beat that lures you to its lair And face your fears or face defeat, blinded by the deadlights` glare (Bridge) (Refrain)




released October 18, 2019


all rights reserved



Don't Drop The Sword Erding, Germany

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